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    Sam's Italian Restaurant Maine

    Location Address:
    Sams Italian Sandwich Shoppe
    675 Main St
    ME 04240-5872

    -- Sunday, April 26, 2009 Sams Italian Sandwich Shoppe reviews

    Contact Sams Italian Sandwich Shoppe

    Phone: 2077832222
    Email: ************@verizon.net
    Categories: Sandwiches [more businesses in Sandwiches]

    Lewiston Sandwiches 675 Main St Sam's Italian Foods: Courtesy, Quality and Service, a winning combination since 1939 Lewiston ME Sandwiches Sams Italian Sandwich Shoppe www.samsitalian.com Sam's Sams Italian Italians Foods Sandwich Shop Shoppe Pizza Calzone Lewiston Auburn Freeport Brunswick Rumford Maine Sam's Sams Italian Italians Foods Sandwich Shop Shoppe Pizza Calzone Lewiston Auburn Freeport Brunswick Rumford Maine Business Reviews Sams Italian Sandwich Shoppe Testimonials

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    Sams Italian Sandwich Shoppe Reviews

    Holly Colbath reviewed on Sams Italian Sandwich Shoppe

    business listing rating I love Italian Sandwiches, I sure do miss them! My parents moved us to North Carolina, from Portland Maine in 1874,I have went back home many times as I was growing up and every day while there I ate a Italian Sandwich for most all of my meals! North Carolina only has Subways, they don't even get close to the real Italian Sandwich that Maine has. we don't have the right Italian bred, nor the right Olive Oil. even though they say it's Real Italian Bread,to me it taste just like any kind of Bread! but I know better.A couple in Church lived in Maine for several year and told me about Sam;a Sub shop,and told me that I could Mail Order! From Sam's Sub Shop, so I have been looking and I have finally found you and hope you can Help me!I, if I can buy the stuff needed, would like to Order stuff from you to make a real Italian Sandwich! If not could you direct me to the right Italian sandwich makes?Please help! At this time in life I will never beable to go home any more, running a farm I have no one I could trust to feed the Animals, And my Family in Maine wouldn't even bother to help me. Holly Colbath posted on Monday, August 15, 2011

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